Rental Property in India: Main Things You Should Know

India is a very lucrative destination when it comes to buying and selling properties. With the globalization bandwagon increasingly finding its way to the country, coupled with India’s bludgeoning population, everyone is rushing to book their piece of the property. Interestingly, most highly profitable business venture’s still lie in India’s big cities but small-cities are also catching up fast and cashing in on the property-boom. Places such as Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta, Delhi and Bangalore come top of the charts in commercial property ratings. Similarly Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Chandigarh offer an ideal locale for setting up a small office or a residential complex. Interestingly, it is rural India – from the backwaters of Kerala to the plains of north India – that is attracting people in droves.

Many people are making the most of investing in small, non-descript towns. They are buying little hotels, guesthouses or resorts. The places include in Kochi, Goa and Simla to name a few. Add to that the increasing disposable income that has resulted in the gradual rise in sale of Villas and cottages. Many people buy villas in Kodaikanal or Mahabaleshwar. One of the main reasons of investing in property in India is the sheer diversity the country offers. Whatever one is considering buying – seaside residential complexes, hillside retreats, bungalows, farmlands, agricultural lands or apartments in bustling cities – one find it all in the vast expanse of India.

India is an interesting investment market for property sale. Property may range from lands, land services, commercial real estate to residential property. People have the option to invest in commercial offices, hotels, guesthouses, resorts, bungalows, flats, offices, shops, industrial premises, malls and more, in any part of the country. Those interested to try their hands at lands, can invest in commercial land, agricultural land, land for schools, hospitals or resorts, land for houses, shopping malls and much more. 

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